#1 Hydration

Kids never seem to get tired. They’re always on the go, playing outdoors even after school. Because of their high energy levels, they need to stay hydrated. This is where fresh juice comes in. Children don’t like stopping in the middle of play just to rehydrate. They’re so much concentrated on what they’re doing that they forget to drink water, either that or they just don’t want to drink. Healthy juices can help kids get the nutrition they need and maintain their energy while playing. They’re also better for children than sugar-packed soda and sports drinks.

#2 Vegetables

We all know that children don’t find veggies palatable. Kids would avoid vegetables as many times as they could. Once again, fresh juice is a great solution to this problem. Veggies are essential for the human body, and one great thing about them is that they can be combined with fruits to make one glass of delicious juice. Parents could start adding little veggies at a time until the kids no longer notice that what they’re drinking is pure vegetable juice. The key is to trick them slowly but surely.


#3 Healthier lifestyle

Children who get used to drinking fresh, nutritious juice will be encouraged to continue eating healthy as they grow up. They’ll be conscious about what they consume, and as a result, they’ll have lower fat intakes and higher intakes of vitamins and minerals. Kids will also eat more fruits and veggies because they have already been used to the taste.


kid drinking However, it’s best for kids under two years old to drink water instead of juice. It’s also advisable to give only 4-6 oz. of pure juice every day once they reach 2. This is better for their teeth. Let them drink fruit juice in the morning, and if they get thirsty in the afternoon, then make them drink more water as much as possible. However, if your child is an athlete, then drinking juice twice a day won’t be a problem, and there’d no reason for you not to get a juicer from juicerkings today.


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