Inverter generators offer more benefits than the conventional generators we were used to, and this article will prove that statement. They’re becoming more and more popular, and it’s evident in the increase of different brands and models. But if you’re going to purchase an inverter generator, make sure you choose one from the top picks as of right now.

Let’s look at their advantages.

Benefit #1: Higher Quality Power

To generate the required power, a standard generator needs to keep running at its full capacity regardless of the load. It needs to maintain the amount of electricity produced so its engines should keep moving at full throttle. The output of the alternator is also linked to the charge sans processing—releasing a lower quality energy.

Inverter generators, on the other hand, create AC by converting DC into AC. Before it gets converted into AC and to the suitable voltage and frequency, the DC capacitors will first smoothen the produced electricity to a specific degree.


Speaking of power, inverters are also able to provide dependable and uniform electricity that does not rely on the speed of the engine. Inverters produce energy that’s “cleaner” than what standard generators create. In fact, the electricity that inverters produce is virtually as good as the quality of power provided by the electric company.

Because the power generated by inverters are cleaner and of higher quality, inverters can power up delicate or sensitive electronics like your phone, tablet, laptop, and television. These products are becoming more and more high-tech, which means they’re also becoming more and more prone fragile. If you power them up using your inverter generator, you’ll have no problem because the inverters can keep them away from damage and malfunctions.

Benefit #2: More Portable

Inverters aren’t as bulky as conventional generators. They’re smaller, easier to handle, and easier to store. Because of their compact size, you can take them with you when you go hiking or camping. Inverters can fit in your car without trouble, but you can’t say the same with standard generators.

Conventional ones are heavy, requiring you to place them on a structure that comes with wheels, just so you can transport them. Even the “portable” ones are bulky, large, and noisy.

Benefit #3: Quieter


Speaking of noise, inverters are appreciated nowadays because they produce less noise compared to standard generators.

The latter type is loud because it needs to run at a continuous speed of generally 3,600 rpm to produce energy. Inverters, however, can adjust to how much power is created thanks to their microprocessors. They release less noise because they can manage the electricity output based on the registered load.

Benefit #4: Fuel-Efficient

Inverter generators don’t need huge fuel tanks. Though they offer briefer run times because of their restricted fuel volume, they are more efficient when it comes to fuel. These generators can conserve up to 40 percent of fuel and operate up to 10 hours. They also release fewer emissions, making them environment-friendly.

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