The Battle Between Indoor Play and Outdoor Play


The Mental Issue

Children_playing_road_hockey_in_VancouverRecent studies show us that playing indoors is damaging to the growth of children. According to Burdette and Whitaker, a child can learn on multiple levels with every new adventure he has outdoors (2005). As *he imagines lands, creatures, castles, and other things, the child’s brain develops, becoming better learners in school, and more friendly. Because of the opportunity to play outside, children tend to be happier and smarter with lots of friends.

The Physical Case

Apart from the mental benefits, playing outdoors also offer physical advantages. A child can be more active outside than inside the house because there is more space to play in. Furthermore, the child will be less likely to be obese when he is active.


The Cons of Playing Indoors

Researchers found that children who aren’t playing indoors with nature have the disorder called “Nature Deficit Disorder.” They discovered that those who lived nearer to nature and had more chances to be in the natural world had less stress than those who didn’t. Children who play outdoors also concentrate better and have better motor coordination than those who play indoors. Nature, according to Wells, slows people down and reduces blood pressure, enabling us to appreciate its magnificent beauty.

Some people might argue that indoor games such as Wii and Just Dance have physical activities too. Yes, they do, but children would still be missing the chance to interact with other kids, fresh air, and nature itself. They are also more prone to get violent because of the violence some indoor games introduce.

Video Games: Why do kids like them?

Most children play video games because the challenges are fun, they relieve stress, and they offer fellowship with other kids or players.


But playing outdoors is fun, stress-relieving, and promotes companionship with others too! The best thing about playing outdoors is that the benefits are free. Parents no longer have to purchase PSPs or video game consoles that cost hundreds of bucks just to give their kids a stress reliever. Playing outside also keeps children healthy by providing them fresh air. According to studies, air indoors is more likely to cause asthma than the air outdoors (Epstein, 2001).


Playing outdoors is helpful for your child’s development. It can promote a healthier lifestyle for them and can help them socialize better and live life with consideration to nature.

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*To steer clear from the awkwardness of series of he or she, the male gender will represent the subject for this article, considering that men are more likely to engage in online activities than women (according to a study published in